Armor Screen® Hurricane Protection is transparent, easy to deploy, lightweight and amazingly strong. Armor Screen® has full Miami-Dade Certification.


Armor Screen Hurricane Protection

Armor Screen protects from wind driven rain and flying debris better than all other methods, bar none! Armor Screen is Miami-Dade certified including large missile impact and wind pressure tested to 195 PSF (276 MPH) Miami-Dade County and Florida NOA No. 07-0424.04 (exp. 1/07/2009), Florida Building Code Product Approval Nos. FL320, FL812, FL8363. With over 10,000,000 square feet installed, Armor Screen systems weathered four hurricanes in 2004, successfully protecting people and property.


See what's happening with Armor Screen® Hurricane Protection It's Transparent!

Armor Screen's patented system uses a unique interwoven design which provides an excellent barrier to high winds and driving rain, yet you can see right through it. Replace the "dark cave effect" of traditional systems with natural light. Get peace of mind without being trapped behind your hurricane protection. Put your hurricane protection up ahead of time and keep your facility functional right up to the storm and open immediately after.


Protect your building with no impact on its beauty! Hardware is almost invisible.

Armor Screen provides freedom of design for architects with strength respected by engineers. Applications that are impossible with other products are accomplished with Armor Screen. Since it's flexible, and the protection for each opening is custom designed and manufactured, it can be adapted to most any architectural design.
Traditional rigid systems can take hours or even days to deploy. Also, traditional rigid systems require ongoing maintenance. If the system is not maintained it may stick and fail to deploy right when you need it the most. Armor Screen deploys in minutes.

Damage from flying debris will cause replacement of most systems but not Armor Screen. Debris bounces off, leaving your protection undamaged and easy to store when the storm has passed.

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